Watch : Kshitij Prasad shouts ‘I’m being Framed’, after being Arrested by the NCB in Drug Case

Kshitij Ravi Prasad who joined Dharma Production's sister company in November 2019, got arrested by the NCB in drug case on Saturday. He shouted 'I'm being framed' when confronted by media.
Watch : Kshitij Prasad shouts 'I have been Framed', after being Arrested by the NCB in Drug Case

In the ongoing drug probe case, the Narcotics Control Bureau recently conducted raids at several people’s houses and seized narcotic substances. Amongst all the raids, that the agency has conducted so far, one was conducted at Karan Johar‘s alleged ‘close-aide’ Kshitij Prasad’s house in Versova as well.

The agency conducted the raid at his house on the morning of the day when he was called in by the NCB to record his statement. During the raid, the NCB has seized Marijuana and a small amount of weed from his house. Later, he was escorted by the officials from his house to question him at the NCB office.

However, after he was detained on Friday by the agency, he got arrested the very next day on Saturday. Kshitij was confronted by the Times Now reporter when he approached the police vehicle and he claimed that he’s being framed. He said to the portal, “I’m being framed.”

Kshitij Prasad was being considered to be Karan Johar’s close-aide, responding to which the filmmaker and Dharma Production owner Karan Johar stated that Kshitij was associated with the sister company of Dharma Production in November 2019 on a ‘contract basis’ for a project which did not eventually materialize.

He also claimed that he doesn’t have any personal relation with Kshitij and neither Dharma Production nor he is accountable for what Kshitij does in his personal life.