Urmila Matondkar says If it was Offensive calling Kangana Ranaut ‘Rudali’, She is willing to Apologise

Urmila Matondkar says if her comment was offensive to Kangana Ranaut, she's willing to apologize for it.
Urmila Matondkar says If it was Offensive calling Kangana Ranaut 'Rudali', She is willing to Apologise

Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut is known for her open and bold thoughts that she puts forth every then and now. After Sushant Singh Rajput’s untimely demise, the actress has got more vocal about the Bollywood industry’s practice of nepotism and the groups that have been prevailing for years.

Now, recently after the war of words with Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut, Kangana got into a brawl with another actress Urmila Matondkar over her statement against Kangana to look into Himachal Pradesh first about the use of drugs before putting an allegation on Mumbai for the use of drugs.

Kangana replied to Urmila’s comment in an interview with Times Now where she called Urmila a ‘soft porn star’. Kangana was later bashed on social media for her comment. However, Urmila Matondkar later called Kangana a ‘rudali’ for playing a victim card for being mistreated in the industry.

Now, in the latest reports, it is stated that Urmila Matondkar has said that she is willing to apologize if her remarks have, in any way, offended Kangana. Urmila in another interview with a news portal stated that she called Kangana ‘rudali’ in a different context, then what is being perceived, and if at all it was offensive, she had absolutely no qualms in saying that she is sorry about it. She further added that apologizing would not make her small.

She cleared out that the word she used was in a different context as she was unable to understand why a person would constantly choose to play a victim card. Kangana had also tweeted referring to the Liberal brigade who once virtually lynched a renowned writer into silence for saying people like Sunny Leone should not be our role model.