Sushant Singh Rajput’s Whatsapp Chats with His friend Reveals He was Not Depressed

Sushant Singh Rajput's close friend reveals WhatsApp chat.

Sushant Singh Rajput‘s death case has been revolving around theories of him dealing with depression and not getting enough work. But as day by day new revelations take place, these theories have started to fade away. Recently, it was reported that Sushant had enough projects lined up. In an interview, the late actor’s friend also revealed that Sushant was getting offers from Hollywood as well.

Now, Zee News has revealed something really big regarding Sushant’s death case. The news channel has revealed the WhatsApp chat between Sushant and his close friend Kushal Zaveri. In the chats, it can be seen that Sushant was not depressed. The WhatsApp chat was of June 1 & 2 when Sushant texted Kushal asking about how’s he doing and telling that Sushant missed him.

Sushant messages him on June 1 around 6:30 pm saying, “Kaisa he bhai? I hope you’re healthy and rocking. Miss you. Jai shiv Shambho 🙂 Sushant.” After reading Sushant’s message, Kushal reverted on June 2 in the morning. He texted, “Glad to hear from you bhai…. health wise all is well… but the struggle is for everyone and I am no exception … hope all is good with you (a smiley emoji) ”

Sushant then sent a message to him and shared that he’s doing well too and he’s working on himself spiritually and trying to grow. He recounted golden days spent with Kushal. He appreciated the work he did with Kushal in the past and asked him to give his love to Sid too. Their conversation then continues…

After reading the WhatsApp chat, it is clear that he’s not depressed and is happy the way he is growing.

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