Sushant Singh Rajput’s Security Guard Speaks up about the ‘Mystery Woman’ spotted at His apartment Complex in an Unseen Video

Sushant Singh Rajput's building guard opens up about the Mystery woman!

Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case is being investigated by 2 agencies now, and in between the investigation, Republic TV has claimed to got access to some unseen videos of the same day when Sushant allegedly died by suicide. A mystery man dressed in black and a woman in a striped t-shirt is seen in the video. The late actor’s family has raised questions about it now.

Now, it is reported that Sushant’s building guard has opened up about the ‘mystery woman’. Republic TV recently talked to the guard present on June 14 about the mystery woman. In a sting operation, the guard was asked about woman in the video, and he said that the woman in the video isn’t a resident of the society. He also added that he believes she was allowed to breach the barricade to approach Sushant’s body.

But later on, when the guard was informed that the family doesn’t know about the girl who entered as a relative, he reacted and shared that there were too many people at that time and it was only Sushant’s relatives who were allowed to enter the complex.

He further said that he will not be able to recognize the woman as she was wearing a mask. In the video, accessed by the news channel, the man dressed in a black t-shirt is recognized as Sushant’s house manager Dipesh Sawant.

Sushant’s family lawyer has raised doubts against Mumbai police after the video went viral.