Sushant Singh Rajput’s Old Interview Video admitting He is Claustrophobic surfaces

Sushant Singh Rajput's Old Interview Video admitting he is claustrophobic surfaces.
Sushant Singh Rajput's Old Interview Video admitting He is Claustrophobic surfaces

Sushant Singh Rajput‘s untimely demise had left everybody in a severe state of shock as nobody could digest the fact that the late actor would do something like this. Rhea Chakraborty is the prime accused in the SSR’s death probe and was interrogated for 10 hours on August 28 by the CBI. She’s being interrogated today again by the agency and might be summoned by Narcotics Control Bureau as well.

Now, Rhea in her interviews has been seen talking about the late actor, his habits, his relations with others, and all the allegations that are put on the actress. Rhea revealed many things about Sushant and also mentioned that he was claustrophobic as when they were going to Europe for their trip, Sushant took medicine before the flight as he felt claustrophobic.

Ankita Lokhande reacted to the actress’ statement of Sushant being claustrophobic and shared a video of the late actor in a flight simulator. Now, a video is surfacing on social media of Sushant’s old interview in 2015 with Zee Cafe were during the interview he played a game of 2 truths and 1 lie. Sushant said three facts about him and out of which one was a lie. The facts he mentioned were 1. That he is claustrophobic, 2. he sleeps for six hours every day, and 3. That he was a terrible singer.

In the interview, he then revealed that the second fact which he gave was a lie about him as he only sleeps for 2 hours every day and is an insomniac. The actor in the video confessed of being claustrophobic and a terrible singer.

Rhea in her interview also mentioned that the particular medicines which Sushant took before the flight used to be with him every time and he took it without prescription.