Sushant Singh Rajput’s Former Manager Claims Actor was ‘Killed’ by His Staff

Sushant's former manager Ankit has claimed that Sushant Singh Rajput has been murdered by his house staff.

Sushant Singh Rajput‘s body was found dead almost 2 months back on June 14 in his apartment in Bandra, Mumbai. Every day new revelation takes place and new assumptions are made. Recently, the late actor’s former manager Ankit has revealed something shocking.

As reported, Ankit has claimed that Sushant has been murdered by his house staff. He raised a doubt against the staff and said that if the door was locked then why they kept waiting? Why they didn’t break the door?

In conversation with TOI, Ankit revealed that Sushant didn’t die by suicide but instead he was murdered. He stated that Sushant was a very positive person and used to advise others for living life positively.

Sushant always treated Ankit as an elder brother and Ankit never saw him depressed for any reason. He agreed that Sushant used to miss his mother and used to write poems for her.

Talking about videos and photos surfacing on social media, Ankit shared that he has never seen Dipesh before. Dipesh was hired at the time when Ankit left his job with Sushant. Dipesh was hired to look after Sushant, told Ankit to the portal.

Till the time Ankit was working with Sushant, the late actor never slept with his room locked. So when the house staff noticed that then why they didn’t open the door?

Ankit is suspicious about Sushant’s house staff and blames them for his death.

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