Sushant Singh Rajput’s Close Friend Claims Rhea Chakraborty’s Father supplied Medicines to the Actor

Here's what Sushant Singh Rajput and Rhea Chakraborty's close friend revealed!

Sushant Singh Rajput‘s death case is becoming more complicated with new revelations coming upfront. Now after CBI has got the case of Sushant, CBI is interrogating every person related to the case. CBI also recreated the crime scene at the late actor’s residence and did a dummy test there.

Now, in a recent report of Times Now, one of Sushant and Rhea Chakraborty‘s close friend has claimed that Rhea’s father used to supply medicines to Sushant. As per the report, the friend claimed that she was close to the couple and used to party with them.

She said that Rhea was the one who used to put thoughts about supernatural powers in Sushant’s head. She also recounted that once Sushant questioned her belief about supernatural powers after which she had an argument with Rhea for questioning her for the same.

She informed that she fell ill for some reason and was bedridden, after which she stopped going to their place. She also talked about Sushant’s health when he was not getting better, then at that time she said that Rhea consulted her doctor father for his opinion. Her father prescribed him some antibiotics, which Rhea started giving to Sushant.

But Sushant’s health didn’t improve even after taking those antibiotics. According to her, Sushant started panicking more as his health wasn’t getting better. She also mentioned that Rhea was giving him heavy dosages of those medicines.

The close friend also revealed that Rhea used to take Sushant’s financial and career decisions. As per her, the couple seemed normal always but she doubted if all this was done with a motive.