Sushant Singh Rajput’s boy reveals details about actor’s Bangkok trip, Says Sara Ali Khan accompanied Actor

Sushant Singh Rajput's trip to Bangkok in 2018 has come under the limelight after Rhea Chakraborty mentioned it in her interview recently. Now Rajput's boy has revealed about Sara Ali Khan being on the trip.

Sushant Singh Rajput‘s death case has been making rounds again and again but is not able to come to a decision. Every new revelation takes the case on a different level getting more people involved. Now, recently Rhea Chakraborty broke her silence on SSR’s death case and revealed many details about the late actor and things related to him.

During the interview, Rhea mentioned that Sushant went on a trip to Bangkok in 2018 with his 6 friends. His friends who were there on the trip with the late actor were Kushal Zaveri, Siddharth Gupta, Abbas, Mushtaq, and Sabir Ahmed. Now, India Today in conversation with Sabir Ahmed has got some shocking details about the trip.

Sabir told the portal about the trip and why their gang had to cut short the trip. Sabir revealed that Sara Ali Khan was on the trip with them as the trip was for the PRO team, so there were only 7 people on the trip including Sushant, Sara, Siddharth Gupta, Kushal Zaveri, Abbas, Sushant’s bodyguard Mushtaq and Sabir himself. He said, “It was Sushant’s trip with his PRO team, Sara Ali Khan, and two staff members. It was in December 2018 and we traveled by private jet.”

Sabir also revealed that Sara and Sushant stayed in the same hotel where his PRO team was staying, but the duo didn’t go out much. He mentioned that only on the first day Sushant and Sara went to the beach with everybody and for the rest of the trip, they stayed in the hotel. “Only on the first day, all of us went to the beach. But later, Sushant and Sara were in the hotel for the rest of the trip, while his friends went out to explore. They stayed at a luxurious island hotel in Bangkok,” he shared with the portal.

Telling about why they had to cut short the trip, he revealed that there were chances of a Tsunami in the country so they had to cut short the trip.

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