Sushant Singh Rajput Case : Sandip Ssinghs Call Records reveal He was in touch with the Ambulance Driver

Sandip Ssingh's call records revealed.

Sushant Singh Rajput‘s death has been turned into a turmoil which seems difficult to figure out. Everyday, a new revelation takes place and hence, making it more complex and complicated to resolve the case. CBI has started its investigation and is investigating the case to unfold the truth.

In the meantime, Republic TV has got access to Sandip Ssingh’s call records. As Sushant’s family as well as few friends of Sushant has denied to the claims of Sandip being the late actor’s close friend, it is reported by Republic TV that Sandip on June 14 has exchanged phone calls with the driver of the ambulance in which Sushant was taken to the Cooper hospital. The CRD has revealed that Sandip and ambulance driver Akshay Bandgar exchanged 4 calls from June 14-16.

The portal also contacted the ambulance driver who claimed that he didn’t speak to anybody except Mumbai police on that day. The call record shows that on June 14, ambulance driver Akshay called Sandip and talked for 48 seconds at 6:40 pm. Then again second call was made by Akshay at 7:57 pm and call lasted for 51 seconds. And further at 9:59 pm on June 14 Sandip called Akshay. On June 16, again the self-proclaimed close friend of Sushant, Sandip called Akshay, the ambulance driver and call lasted for 104 seconds.

But when the portal asked the ambulance driver about the calls, he denied and said that he didn’t speak to anyone.