Stones Pelted by Protesters at Ekta Kapoor’s house in Mumbai, Here’s why!

On Tuesday, Ekta Kapoor's house was pelted with stones by protesters for a scene in her ALTBalaji's show 'Virgin Bhasskar 2'. The producer tendered an apology to a certain section of the society.

Producer and director Ekta Kapoor‘s house in Mumbai was sabotaged today by 40-45 people who were protesting outside her bungalow in Juhu, Mumbai. According to TOI, the protest was alleged regarding a scene from Ekta’s ALTBalaji show ‘Virgin Bhasskar 2’ in which a sex racket is being run from a hostel named after a noble Sardar of the Maratha Empire, Ahilyabai Holkar.

As per the report, it is said that protesters threw stones at her house and even broke a few windows. Further, it is added in the report that the descendant of leader Ahilyabai Holkar got offended after the use of the name for the hostel which runs a sex racket in the show.

Bhushansingh Raje Holkar had even written a letter to the production house and had demanded the removal of the scene and an apology tendered.

Ekta Kapoor also took it to her social media with an apology yesterday in which she wrote, “It has just been brought to my notice that there is a scene in an ALTBalaji show ‘Virgin Bhasskar 2’, where a hostel named ‘Ahilyabai’, has been depicted, which has offended a certain section of society. The scene that is being pointed towards was never meant to be an act of disrespect, with only a first name being used as the name of the hostel, with no surname mentioned. Yet, the said scene has been promptly removed by the creative directors of the show.”

Stating further, “A name has been used which in no way insinuates disrespect to any specific individual, let alone an iconic leader. To put it on record, neither am I involved in this series nor do I creatively oversee the show. However, I would like to tender an apology on behalf of the team for unintentionally hurting sentiments. We have the highest regard for the rich legacy of our Maratha leaders.”

Ekta Kapoor officially apologized on her social media and mentioned that it was unintentional and there was no intention to hurt anybody’s sentiments.