Sooraj Pancholi Opens Up ; Says People will Drive him to kill Himself

In Sushant Singh Rajput‘s death case, many unrelated names have also been attached. Recently, a message goes viral on social media about Sooraj Pancholi behind Disha Salian’s death. Disha was Sushant Singh Rajput’s ex-manager and took her life on June 8. Sooraj Pancholi is also being dragged into Sushant’s death case.

In an interview with India Today Television, Sooraj opened up about Disha Salian, Nepotism, and BJP leader Narayan Rane’s allegations against him. BJP leader Narayan Rane made allegations against Sooraj about having a party on June 13 and said that the party was attended by many powerful people. To this allegation, Sooraj said, “You should ask him who told him these things. I didn’t have any party at home. The first thing I want to say is that whatever news or rumors that are coming about me are coming through social media. News channels are putting stuff from Facebook and YouTube videos, which some people have made out of frustration. This is something we all know. I didn’t have any party at my home. There’s a message on which is being circulated on Whatsapp. My friends from Dubai, London, and even Hyderabad are sending me saying I had a party at my penthouse. That I invited Sushant, Disha, and Aaditya Thackeray. First of all, I don’t have a penthouse. I live on the first floor in Versova. The police are aware of me not being included or me not being attached to this case. I don’t know why they are not saying anything. I don’t know why the Mumbai police are shut about this. They should be saying something about this. I don’t care what Narayan Rane is saying. Did Sushant’s family say anything about this? Did Sushant’s father say this? Did Sushant’s sister say this? Did Sushant’s relatives say this about me?”

Sooraj also mentioned that he had no connection with Sushant nor his manager Disha. He further said that he had nothing to do with Sushant. Pointing out at big channels and other big people talking about Sooraj, he asked them to show a proof against him. He continued saying that nobody has anything to lose as they all have reached a certain level in life and he’s nowhere to compete them.

On the threats of opening his case, he said, “A news channel has named me over 30 times in Sushant’s case, on what basis?. They are saying they will open my case, I don’t think they are aware of my case, for the past 8 years, I have been fighting it legally.”

On talking about relations with Sushant, he said that he met the late actor in Aramanagar where they used to go for an acting class. After that, he met him at a friend’s place and there Sushant exchanged numbers with him and also invited him to his film screening of Raabta.

Sushant and Sooraj again met at the late actor’s film screening and the were very cordial.

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