Siddharth Pithani reveals Shocking Details about Sushant Singh Rajput and Rhea Chakraborty’s relationship and The day Sushant Died

here's what siddharth pithani told the cbi

Sushant Singh Rajput’s Flatmate Siddharth Pithani was recently questioned by the CBI in the actor’s death case. Siddharth has made big revelations in front of CBI about Sushant. According to a report by ABP News, the channel has information about Siddharth’s statement. According to the report, Siddharth said in his statement that things started changing in Sushant’s life after the year 2019. He said that since August last year, Sushant stopped working and he started spending more time with Rhea Chakraborty. But then also came a time when Sushant was left alone.

Siddharth said that his father’s work was not going well, so he went to Hyderabad to earn money. Then one day in January 2020, He got a call from Sushant. Sushant said that he was about to leave the acting world and start his dream project 150.

Siddharth said in the statement, that Rhea first left Sushant in January, then she came back a few days later. He said that Rhea told him, that now, He, Rhea, and Dipesh will take care of Sushant together. In the last week of January, Sushant had said that he had to go to his sister Neetu. When we reached there, Sushant was feeling fine. After staying there again we returned back to Mumbai. After this Sushant started feeling good. He used to do workouts. Sushant was feeling fine, so he stopped taking medicine. I asked him not to stop taking medicines suddenly.

Sushant’s health started deteriorating again in the last week of April. He started staying away from us, but Rhea was with him then. Sushant’s health deteriorated further in the first week of June. He started living alone in the room. He had also stopped talking with us, so we all left Rhea and Sushant alone. Rhea was with Sushant throughout the lockdown.

Siddharth further said in the statement, that Rhea went home after packing her bag at 11.30 am on the morning of 8 June. She asked me to take care of Sushant. At that time Sushant hugged Rhea and said bye to her. After some time Sushant’s sister Mitu came home. She took care of Sushant. When Mitu Didi was at home, Sushant used to cry after remembering old things. On June 12, Mitu Didi went back to her home to take care of her daughter.

“On the morning of 14 June, between 10-10.30 I was doing my work in the hall and around 10.30 am Keshav told me that Sushant sir is not opening the door. I called Dipesh and both of us went and knocked on the door, but Sushant did not open the door. Then I got a call from Mitu Didi and she said that I called Sushant but he is not picking up the phone. We told her that we are also trying but he is not opening the door, after that, I asked Mitu Didi to come home.”, Pithani reportedly told CBI.

I asked the watchman to call a locksmith but the watchman did not help properly. Then I took out the number of Rafiq Chabhiwala from Google and called him at around 1.06 minutes in the afternoon. He asked me for 2000 rupees. On Rafiq’s suggestion, I sent him the lock’s photo and home address. At 1.20 in the afternoon, Rafiq reached the flat with one of his companions. He said key can’t be made for the lock so I asked him to break the lock. Rafiq broke the lock and I gave him money and he left.

According to the report, He further revealed,”After this, Dipesh and I went inside Sushant’s room. It was dark, Dipesh switched the light on, and we found Sushant hanging on the fan with a green cloth. I told this to Mitu Didi and then called 108 and informed about the incident. Then Sushant’s sister Neetu called me and we told her the whole thing. She asked us to bring Sushant down. Then I asked Neeraj to bring the knife. I cut the cloth on Sushant’s neck with a knife, then I and Dipesh climbed on the bed and laid Sushant down on the bed.”

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