Shruti Modi’s Lawyer Claims Sushant Singh Rajput’s Sisters were eyeing actor’s Property

Sushant Singh Rajput's former business manager Shruti Modi's Lawyer Ashok Saraogi have made many shocking allegations against Actor's sisters. he claimed that actor's sisters were eyeing his property
Shruti Modi's Lawyer Claims Sushant Singh Rajput's Sisters were After actor's Property

The CBI team probing Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case is also questioning his former business manager Shruti Modi. Shruti Modi, during interrogation, has agreed with Rhea Chakraborty‘s statement that Sushant’s relationship with his family was not very good. Shruti Modi’s lawyer has also alleged that Sushant’s sisters were eyeing his property and Sushant himself was opposing this.

Shruti Modi’s lawyer Ashok Saraogi has made many shocking allegations against Sushant’s family over the case. According to reports, he said that Sushant Singh Rajput was addicted to drugs long before Rhea’s arrival in his life and that his former driver and bodyguard Sohail Sagar used to arrange drugs for him. Saraogi has stated that Sohail and Sushant’s servant Keshav used to arrange drugs and Sushant’s friends Ayush Sharma and Anandi stayed at his house and had parties together. He has also claimed that these parties used to take place in the presence of Sushant’s sisters and his sisters knew that Sushant is addicted to drugs.

Talking about Sushant and his family’s relationship, Shruti Modi’s lawyer said that in November 2019, Sushant’s sisters had come to meet him and wanted to take him with them. On the night of 27 November, Sushant had a big fight with his sisters after which his sisters went to stay at Hotel Lalit. Saraogi claims that only after this Sushant’s health deteriorated and he was admitted to Hinduja Hospital the next day. Sushant then refused to talk to his sisters or father.

Shruti Modi’s lawyer Saraogi claims that Sushant’s sisters were eyeing his property. He claims that on November 26, Sushant’s sisters had asked Shruti Modi for information about Sushant’s property but Shruti refused to give them any information. Sushant’s family had said that there would be Rs 15 crore in Sushant’s account. However, Shruti Modi claims that Sushant had around Rs 8 crore in separate accounts and the nominee of these accounts was Sushant’s sister Priyanka.