SHOCKING ! Deepika Padukone’s Drug Chat with a Talent Management Employee gets LEAKED; Actress to be summoned by the NCB

Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone 's drugs chats with an employee of a talent management company has been leaked. The actress is seen asking for a particular drug.
SHOCKING ! Deepika Padukone's Drug Chat with a Talent Management Emloyee gets LEAKED

Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case is not similar to any other death case, as for the first time the whole Entertainment industry is under the wrath of the federal agencies probing the case. After the drug angle emerged in the case, it slowly grew to catch hold of the people not related to Sushant. The Narcotics Control Bureau started it’s investigation by filing the case against Rhea Chakraborty and her brother Showik for consuming and procuring drugs, but now the Bollywood is being the next target.

As per the reports, the NCB is likely to summon Bollywood A-listers whose names were surfaced during Rhea’s interrogation. The evidence of drug was found from Rhea Chakraborty’s WhatsApp chats by the Enforcement Directorate while probing the money-laundering case. The chats of Rhea, which were leaked, revealed that Rhea was involved in consuming and procuring drugs and was also instructed by her ex-talent manager Jaya Saha about the usage of a CBD oil, as per reports.

Jaya had instructed Rhea to use few drops in Sushant’s beverage. Jaya was later summoned by the CBI, after the chats surfaced social media, to record her statement in the case. On Monday morning, Jaya was called in by the NCB to record her statement. Along with Jaya’s names, two more names were revealed recently which points towards a possibility of a Bollywood-Drug link. The Republic TV has accessed WhatsApp chats of two top Bollywood actresses – ‘D’ & ‘K’ who were also a part of the WhatsApp group with Jaya Saha and were seen discussing drugs.

Now, in the latest development of the case, Times Now in its report has revealed the identity of these two people whose name initials are ‘D’ and ‘K’. According to the report, ‘D’ is Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone and ‘K’ is Karishma, who is an employee of KWAN Talent Management Agency.

The alleged drug chats between Deepika Padukone and Karishma, an employee of Kwan Talent Management Agency are as follows:

At 10:03 AM, (+91-992——-) ‘D’ writes: K…Maal you have?

At 10:05 AM, (+91-961——-) ‘K’ writes: I have but at home. I am at Bandra…

At 10:05, K writes: I can ask Amit if you want

At 10:07, D writes: Yes!! Pllleeeeasssee

At 10:08, K writes: Amit has. He’s carrying it

At 10:12, D writes: Hash na?

At 10:12, D writes: Not weed

At 10:14, K writes: What time are you coming to Koko

At 10:15: D writes: 1130/12ish

At 10:15: D writes: Till what time is Shal there?

K writes: I think she said 11:30 because she needs to at the other place at 12

The NCB is also likely to summon Deepika Padukone in the coming week, as per reports. Also, the netizens are trolling Deepika on social media after her chats have been leaked. Here are some of the trolls :