Rohan Rai’s friend opens up about Disha Salian; reveals He met her on June 7

In Disha Salian's death case, now Disha's fiance's, Rohan Rai, friend has opened up about Disha and dismissed the suicide theory.
Rohan Rai's friend opens up about Disha Salian,reveals He met her on June 7

Sushant Singh Rajput’s former manager Disha Salian reportedly died by suicide on June 8. Her death case is being probed in connection to Sushant’s death case, who died on June 14. Theories are suggesting that the death of the two mentioned are linked.

Recently, BJP MLA Nitish Rane has claimed many things in Disha’s case so far and also questioned her fiance Rohan Rai’s absence. As per the report, Rohan is under the scanner of the CBI and his last location was also tracked recently. He’s likely to be summoned by the CBI as well.

In the latest development of the case, Rohan Rai‘s friend in conversation with the Republic TV has opened up about Disha Salian. Rohan’s friend has dismissed the ‘suicide theory’ of Disha’s death and spoke about what was going on at Disha and Rohan’s house.

Rohan’s friend Ashish Bhisht talking to the portal said that he met Disha on June 7, a day before her demise. Ashish told the portal that he had a word with Rohan, after Disha’s death, and revealed that Rohan told Ashish that
Disha could not have committed suicide, and Ashish had the same thoughts.

Ashish also added that he didn’t attend the alleged party on June 8 but they shot an ad film a couple of days before at Rohan’s residence. Ashish said, “That was the first time I spoke to Disha. She was shooting from her mobile. That was an ad shoot for Bingo and it has not been released yet.”

Talking about Disha’s emotions and condition at the time he met, he stated, “When I met Disha, she was very happy.” Continuing further, he added, “After that, I did not know what happened, but I heard that Disha’s friend had come to the party, and the day I received news through my friend that she had committed suicide. this was very shocking for me because the day I met Disha, she was very happy. So, how I had talked to Disha and Rohan, it looked like both of them was very happy and they were planning to get married and the house that Rohan had bought was actually on Disha’s insistence. I mean of Disha’s choice.”

Ashish shared that he met Rohan after Disha’s death. Disha’s friend had told Ashish that half an hour before the unexpected event, Disha was very happy and dancing. According to the report, Ashish claimed that there were 4-5 friends of Disha who were present in the Malad apartment and were partying together.

In the end, Ashish talked about how nobody knows what happened after Disha went into the room, as before all her friends were talking about their school days and when she became a little emotional, she went into her room.