Richa Chadha’s Team Issues a Statement after Payal Ghosh renders an Unconditional Apology

Richa Chadha's Team Issues a Statement after Payal Ghosh renders Unconditional Apology

After actress Payal Ghosh rendered an unconditional apology to Richa Chadha before the Bombay High Court for her defamatory remarks for the latter, after which Richa’s team has issued a statement.

The statement read as :
Richa Chadha is elated with the outcome of the Case and is thankful to the Hon’ble Bombay High Court. The Bombay High Court has accepted the consent terms as an undertaking to the Hon’ble Court in the Suit with Payal Ghosh giving Richa Chadha an unconditional apology and withdrawal of all statements defamatory posts also including videos and also agreeing not to state, make, publish, republish any defamatory, insulting, humiliating statements against Richa Chadha related to the subject matter of the Suit and/or any issue, dispute, complaint, suit, action, controversy, nefarious activity and/or criminal activity between Payal Ghosh and any person/party.”

The statement continued, “The case with Kamaal R Khan continues while his statement is already recorded by the Hon’ble Court that he has no intention of repeating his tweets and that he will not make any similar remarks or the statement made by Payal Ghosh on Twitter or any other media, while the news channel has agreed to withdraw its videos from all its platforms and has agreed not to republish them along with agreeing for an injunction against the. A John Doe/Ashok Kumar order has also been granted to withdraw with immediate effect from their respective publications all defamatory statements, videos, tweets and/or defamatory statements of Payal Ghosh, the news channel and KRK. The suit for damages against The news channel and KRK continues.”

Payal Ghosh took it to Twitter and wrote, “These are our conditions in para 3, accepted by plaintiff & her lawyer ,so by putting certain conditions in para 3,it becomes conditional apology 🤭Jai Hind!! India is intelligent enough to understand wording in consent term,amicable settlement mean no win no lose, onlywin & win.”

While Richa Chadha also tweeted, “PFA undertaking. With signatures.”

Now, the defamation case filed by Richa Chadha against Payal Ghosh has been shut and the latter has apologized for her remarks on the former.

[ Source : TOI ]