#RepeatAfterMe Trends after Twitterati Troll Deepika Padukone for her ‘Depression’ posts after SSR’s demise

Here's what #RepeatAfterMe is.

Post Sushant Singh Rajput‘s death, awareness about mental health has been increasing day by day. Not only the audience or mental health professionals are spreading a word about its importance but celebrities as well.

Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone who runs a non-profit NGO that deals with mental health issues, has also been seen spreading awareness about it. Deepika is herself a depression survivor and understands the importance of spreading awareness. Recently, Deepika took it to social media and shared several posts to spread awareness.

She made a streak of posts with ‘Repeat After Me’ on mental health. Now, after her post netizens are trolling her for her ‘Repeat After Me’ streak of posts on mental health. According to the netizens, Deepika shouldn’t have diagnosed Sushant’s mental illness on Twitter without any conclusion of his investigation.

One of the users trolled Deepika and wrote, “Dear Deepika I think you are right, mental illness is real. Please take care of him. #RepeatAfterMe #nepotisminbollywood”

Another user said that Depression is a tool used by celebrities to gain sympathy. The user wrote, “Depression is not a Joke, But it is when used by Indian Celebrities to Gain Sympathy, Fool Fans & Promote Films. #RepeatAfterMe Drink & laugh in Parties & Cry during Promotions to Beat Depression #Deepika #nepotisminbollywood”

Many other users brutally trolled the actress, here are some tweets: