Real Gunjan Saxena Opens Up ; says She had Support of Her Seniors and Colleagues

Real life Gunjan Saxena opens up on IAF after they expressed disappointment over commercial portrayal.

Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl is a real-life based movie about a Woman Indian Air Force Officer Gunjan Saxena who served the nation during the Kargil War. The movie was released on August 12 on Netflix. Jahnvi Kapoor played the lead role of Gunjan Saxena in the film. Real-life Gunjan Saxena as well as reel life Gunjan Saxena aka Jahnvi Kapoor received a great response from the film movie buffs and critics.

It is reported that the Indian Air Force is not happy with its negative image being portrayed in the film. However, after IAF expressed their disappointment on how it was portrayed commercially, the real Gunjan Saxena opens up and revealed that she had the support of fellow officers, supervisors, and commanding officers.

In conversation with IANS, Gunjan Saxena shared that the Indian Air Force is the heart of this film. She said, “Equal opportunities were there for me to perform, and I think they are still there for all the women officers who are in this organization. We don’t need any other or bigger proof than the fact that over the last 20 years the number of women officers in the Indian Air Force has gone up at such a high rate. So, this shows that the Indian Air Force, which is such a deeply respected institution, has been so progressive and positive about bringing about this change in itself. So I think that’s how I would like to address this question.”

She further added, “Yes, as a commercial movie or as a work of fiction, this film has creatively tried to capture my story or my journey. But what cannot be denied is that even in this film the doors did open and opportunities were given.”

Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl is a biopic of Woman Indian Air Force Officer during the times of the Kargil War. It is directed by Sharan Sharma.