Pooja Bhatt makes Her Instagram Account ‘Private’ after recieving Death and Rape Threats

Filmmaker and Actress Pooja Bhatt have made her Instagram account 'Private' after receiving death and rape threats on social media

Bollywood celebs face a lot of trolling on social media. The same thing happened with Pooja Bhatt recently, but the matter became serious after Pooja received threats of rape and death on social media. Pooja has made her Instagram account ‘Private’ from public, after being upset by these negative comments.

Before making her account private, Pooja wrote in a long post , “Instagram seems to have become a place where people anonymously and otherwise use their access to hurl abuse, threaten rape and goad you to ‘go die.’ I used to ignore this sort of talk as I always believed that people who are in pain themselves want to hurt another and also that if you accept love, you must accept criticism too. But is someone wishing you and your family death, constructive criticism or just an attempt at vile cyber bullying?”

pooja bhatt instagram private

Pooja further wrote, “You want access to my world? Make a request. You want to converse with me? Cut out the abuse. As for wishing me death, the same God and Universe that watches over you, watches over me as well. I will pass when life decides for me. As long as life keeps me breathing, I will live to the optimum and revel in the now. We seem to have become a pathetic lot. spewing abuse, inciting violence, following agendas of manufactured hate like sheep.”

In a separate post on Twitter, Pooja said that when reported about death and rape threats, “Instagram mostly responds saying that the conduct does not go against their guidelines and suggests you block them.” She added, “Twitter has far better standards/guidelines.”

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