Payal Ghosh to issue Apology and Withdraw her Statement against Richa Chadha

After Bombay High Court's first hearing session on Wednesday in the defamation case filed by Richa Chadha, Payal Ghosh is ready apologize and also agreed to withdraw her statement against the actress.
Payal Ghosh to issue Apology and Withdraw her Statement against Richa Chadha

Actress Payal Ghosh recently accused filmmaker Anurag Kashyap of sexual misconduct and while accusing him of the alleged allegations, the actress took names of other actresses as well. During an interview with a Regional news channel, Payal had taken names of actress Richa Chadha and others, stating that the said actresses have had a past with Anurag Kashyap, as stated by him to her.

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Reacting to it, actress Richa Chadha had filed a defamation case against Payal in the Bombay High Court which had its first hearing today on Wednesday. The latest development suggests that Payal is ready to apologize to Richa Chadha for her statement.

As per reports, Richa’s lawyer Nitin Satpure said that the actress will also withdraw her previous statement about Richa Chadha to settle the matter. During the first session of the court, Payal’s lawyer has told Justice A.K.Menon that the actress had innocently made the alleged defamatory statement against Richa Chadha.

Right after the settlement, Payal took it to Twitter and shared, “I hv nothing to do wd Ms Chadda.We as women hv got 2stand wd each other,shoulder to shoulder.I don’t want any unintentional harrasment to her or me on this matter. My fight 4justice is against only Mr. Kashyap &I want 2focus solely on dt ryt now.Lets make d world c his true face.”

Payal on Tuesday has also told ANI that she doesn’t have anything to do with Richa Chadha and she didn’t defame her. She added that she just stated what Anurag Kashyap had told her.