Paranormal Experts claims Talking to Sushant Singh Rajput’s soul ; Here are the details

Sushant Singh Rajput’s demise left all of us in shock. It’s been almost more than a month now but all his fans still remember him daily and are hoping him to come back, which is next to impossible. His demise was one of the major setbacks in Bollywood and amongst his fans till a video of paranormal experts got viral.

A Paranormal expert, Steve Huff who’s an ITC researcher for 10years, claimed to talk to Sushant’s alleged spirit through his device called Astral Doorway. Huff asked Sushant’s spirit related to his tragic death and why he took his death. There’s no official authentication of the video done yet but some people believe that it’s true and while some still deny and say its fake.

Huff captioned his 1st part of the video “HE SPEAKS, CLEARLY AND it is BEAUTIFUL!” Also, in his 2nd part of the video, Huff mentioned that Sushant’s spirit is probably the strongest spirit he has ever connected to.

Similarly, there’s an Indian YouTube channel who also uploaded a video wherein a person was trying to communicate with the Sushant’s spirit. He didn’t claim to have any conversation with the spirit but he tried to chanel it with a method wherein they have friendly access to the spirits present around.

There’s no solid proof of any of these being original or fake yet but this shows the amount of love that Sushant Singh Rajput earned more than anything in his career.