Neeraj Pandey Extends His Support To #StopTheMelt Campaign on World Enviornment Day

Today, on World Enviornment Day, filmmakers Neeraj Panday and Shital Bhatia of Friday Filmworks and Friday Storytellers have stood in support of Discovery India’s initiative, ‘#StopTheMelt’ Campaign. The campaign addresses issues like global warming, climate change, extinction of species and biodiversity. Neeraj and Shital who are strong advocates of conserving the enviornment, have been closely associated with the Discovery Network. While Neeraj Pandey presented Secrets Of Sinauli, it was produced by Shital Bhatia, directed by Raghav Jairath and hosted by Manoj Bajpayee.

Neeraj Pandey took to social media to share the campaign and wrote, “On the #WorldEnvironmentDay I am happy to support this campaign done by @DiscoveryIN in association with @UNinIndia & @WWFINDIA.
Let’s be responsible of our surroundings and do our small bit to save the planet.
Let’s #StopTheMelt now.”

While Shital shared the message saying, “Humbled and proud to be a part of #StopTheMelt campaign by @discoverychannelin in association with @uniinindia & wwfindia
Let us be more responsible in saving our planet.


Neeraj and Shital’s earlier collaboration with the channel resulted in a documentary, Secrets Of Sinauli that revolves around the findings at Sinauli in Northern India, which led to a ton of excitement in both the archeological world and history enthusiasts owing to the excavation of three chariots that are more than 4,000 years old (2500 -1900 BCE). The show divulged the biggest revelation of the 21st century, revolving around the changes brought by Western countries to the history of India. After associating with a show like that, now Neeraj and Shital stand in support of the network’s initiative.

The world needs more responsible people like Neeraj and Shital, who stand strong in spreading awareness around nature and enviornment and try to make a difference towards a better world.