NCB denies allegations made by Kshitij Prasad ; Says : Interrogation carried out in Professional manner

Executive director and producer Kshitij Prasad had made allegations against the NCB officials in court for falsely implicating Karan Johar and others. However, the agency has denied the allegations.
NCB picks up Karan Johar's Close Aide Kshitij Ravi Prasad from his Versova residence after Conducting Raid

On Saturday, Dharma Production’s former employee Kshitij Prasad was arrested for his alleged involvement in the procurement and consumption of drugs. Kshitij Prasad had joined Dharma Production’s sister company in November 2019 for a project on a contract basis, but the project didn’t materialize.

The Narcotics Control Bureau had claimed that a ‘roll joint believed to be remains of a smoked ganja’ was seized from his house and also that Kshitij had made bank and cash payments of Rs 3,500 each around a dozen occasions between May and July, for the purchase of Ganja.

However, Kshitij was produced before the Mumbai court on Sunday via video conferencing where he alleged that the Narcotics Control Bureau had made pressure on him to falsely implicate Karan Johar and other executives of the film production company in a case of alleged consumption of drugs.

Kshitij’s lawyer Satish Maneshinde had also informed the court that his client had been harassed and blackmailed by the agency officials to make a statement. Lawyer Satish Maneshinde also made several allegations against the NCB officials who were questioning Kshitij.

Responding to Kshitij’s allegations, as per Indian Express’s report, NCB’s Deputy DG (South West) Mutha Ashok Jain refuted the allegation and claimed that the probe was being carried out in a ‘professional manner’. NCB Deputy DG said, “The investigation is being carried out professionally and there is no intended target other than what is revealed during the investigation. The allegations are absolutely untrue.”

Sameer Wankhede, heading the NCB Mumbai unit, denied the allegations and said, “It is routine practice on the part of the accused to make such allegations.”

However, the Metropolitan Magistrate V J Dongre had said while giving custody of Kshitij to the NCB till October 3, that due to the serious nature of the offense, detailed custodial interrogation of the accused is ‘justifiable to reveal the truth’.