Mahesh Bhatt’s Family member responds on rumors of Him being rushed to hospital after Heart attack

Mahesh Bhatt's family member speaks on Mahesh's health!

As Supreme Court handed over the Sushant Singh Rajput‘s death case to the CBI on Wednesday, CBI’s official team has reached Mumbai and has started its investigation on the case. On Thursday, Rhea Chakraborty‘s and Mahesh Bhatt’s WhatsApp chat of June 8 got leaked when Rhea left Sushant’s house.

Mahesh Bhatt along with Rhea Chakraborty has been receiving lots of hate and troll since yesterday. Recently, it was rumored that Mahesh Bhatt got hospitalized at Nanavati hospital. It was speculated that he suffered a heart attack and was thus rushed to the hospital.

One of the users on Twitter also called out this rumor a stunt to avoid CBI investigation. The user tweeted, “#MaheshBhatt is hospitalized in Nanavati hospital!! Is this another stunt to avoid CBI? koi itna Fake kaise ho sakta h “My whole family is muslim I want to live in Pak” lekin naam महेश भट्ट hi rakhna taki choona laga sako India walo ko Chest pain is CBI effect #RemandOfSSRKillers”

However, the rumor is refuted by Mahesh Bhatt’s family member. The family member told Bombay Times that he is fine and hasn’t been hospitalized.

The portal quoted a source saying, “People spreading false information is uncalled for. He is doing fine and hasn’t been rushed anywhere. He is hale and hearty. People need to be careful about what they write. There’s too much viciousness on social media. No one wants to check facts before spreading gossip.”

The CBI has started its investigation and according to Sushant’s family lawyer Vikas Singh, Rhea can be taken into custody for interrogation.