Kangana Ranaut shares An Old Video of Anurag Kashyap admitting to have ‘Abused a Kid’ During His Childhood

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has shared an old video of filmmaker Anurag Kashyap admitting that he has abused a kid during this childhood.
Kangana Ranaut shares An Old Video of Anurag Kashyap admitting to have 'Abused a Kid' During His Childhood

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has never shied away from taking a stand for what she feels is right. The actress is known for her bold and open thoughts about the topics that keep making rounds around social media or in general. Kangana has been more in the headlines after the untimely demise of a talented actor Sushant Singh Rajput.

The actress back then talked about nepotism and initiated the insiders vs. outsiders debate which was very much heated and however, netizens are not over it yet. Every other day, one or the other person from the industry comments on it or share their side of the story which was unheard before.

However, recently actress Payal Ghosh accused filmmaker Anurag Kashyap of sexual misconduct in the year 2014. During an interview with Telugu News Channel, the actress opened up about it and recounted the alleged incident which took place 6 years back. The filmmaker has also issued his statement through his lawyer Priyanka Khimani.

Amid all this saga, Kangana Ranaut found an old video of Anurag Kashyap on Twitter admitting to having ‘abused a kid’ during his childhood. The video clip is from a summit or seminar where Anurag is in the panel and he’s sharing the incident with the host and the audience.

Anurag confessed that he used to take a kid to the corner and slap him as it was a way to remove his frustration as he suffered the same too. However, the kid then complained to his parents, and Anurag was later pulled up by the principal of the school.

Now, reacting to the video shared a user on Twitter, Kangana retweeted the video and wrote, “I spoke about emotional vultures/suicide gang who killed SSR and tried to push me to kill myself, many asked but why they do this to others? Listen to Anurag he is explaining how he used to molest a kid, they are people who are hurting but they think hurting others is the answer.”

Kangana mentioned that how Anurag had molested a kid in his childhood explains that he thinks hurting others is the answer.