Kangana Ranaut Shares an Advice for Those who consume Drugs

After the drug angle in Sushant Singh Rajput's death case, Kangana Ranaut has a healthy tip for her fans who consume drugs and has advised them to look around and see what earth has to offer!

Sushant Singh Rajput‘s death case has got another aspect to dig in which is about usage and dealing of drugs. Recently, ED has found some evidence from Rhea Chakraborty‘s WhatsApp chat where usage and dealing of drugs was mentioned. The Narcotics Control Bureau has got involved in this case and is looking after the drug angle of the case.

In the meanwhile, Manikarnika actress Kangana Ranaut has extended her hand to support Sushant’s family as the investigation is still ongoing. After the drug angle emerged in the SSR’s death case, Kangana Ranaut has taken to her social media and shared a healthy tip to those who consume drugs.

In her post, she advised, “Drugs might take you high for some time but inevitably it throws you down in to the depths of depression, consume things that only take you up never down,earth has so much to offer, look at this freshly squeezed chilled sugarcane juice with a pinch of pink salt and lemon juice.” Along with the advice, the actress shared her picture holding a glass of sugarcane juice and wearing a white kurta.

In the post, she mentioned that she’s holding a glass of sugarcane juice with a pinch of pink salt and lemon juice. She advised the ones who consume drugs to consume something which takes them up only and never down. According to her, drugs only make an individual high for sometime and inevitably throws them down later causing them depression.

She also added to look around what all earth has to offer. The actress has also been active on social media through the team but now Kangana recently stepped on Twitter and now officially handles her account.