Jacqueline Fernandez hits 44 Million followers on Instagram

Jacqueline Fernandez hits 44 Million followers on Instagram

Popularly known as Bollywood’s Miss Sunshine, Jacqueline Fernandez clocked 44 Million followers on Instagram recently. What makes her profile so attractive and worth to hit the follow button? Well, we will never run out of reasons!

The actress has been very active in order to be in touch with her fans, making sure to stay connected. Jacqueline shares a variety of posts from a passion for health and fitness to her throwbacks of her dazzling looks from previous photoshoots and that’s what makes her most relatable.

Jacqueline also shares lots of BTS from the time she was on sets, making it clear how much she misses work. She has made sure to capture all the memories and share with her followers. The actress also shares images of the golden hour, her cats, her ‘me time’, the various activities she’s doing and much more.

The positive outlook she shares about life is what attracts the audiences and many times, she has shares tips to always keep a balance in life and attain the inner peace as life is in itself a journey which makes the audiences hit the follow button.

The various outfits that Jacqueline shares back to back— be it basics or going all out with a gown, or gracing a beautiful saree are just a treat to the sore eyes. Many of her fans take her as a fashion inspiration and do visit her for some unique looks.

The actress also extends her hand to help the ones in need and has her influence put to use in the right way for all. Not just this, the actress also is an environment activist and has taken a lot of necessary measures to save the environment and help the poor in need.

Well, these are reasons enough to hit the follow button as one can find everything they are looking for! Jacqueline is currently having a great 2020 with back to back song releases and her OTT debut with Mrs Serial Killer where the intense unseen avatar was loved by all.

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