“I have a journal by my bed side, and I write down the things I’m grateful for”, says Jacqueline Fernandez

"I have a journal by my bed side, and I write down the things I'm grateful for", says Jacqueline Fernandez

This difficult period of the lockdown, has definitely affected many people’s mental health and everyone is finding their own ways to be positive. Jacqueline Fernandez who is a pioneer to many for her positive attitude and nature shares how she’s been keeping herself positive and the one practice she does before going to bed.

The actress revealed it in a recent talk time about mental health and said, “I have a journal by my bed side, and I write down the things I’m grateful for, sometimes I fill the entire page because there’s so much to be grateful for in a day and I’ve to write 5 things in the day minimum that I was extremely grateful for.”

Sharing some examples on things Jacqueline further adds, “It’s amazing because sometimes I would see a parrot outside my window and I’m like “aww such a cute parrot”, the other day I saw a rainbow and that was like one of the most amazing things and I was so grateful to experience that and it was literally there only for like a few seconds. Gratitude has definitely been able to shift my focus and immediately my focus goes into like wow it was really a nice day and so many amazing things have happened today, I could sleep nicer and I wakeup and I’m at ease.”

The one practice of having gratitude has affected how Jacqueline feels through the day and finds her happiness in the smallest of things and the same she has been sharing the same on her social media too with her fans by always sharing a reminder to be grateful for the little things and make the most of every moment they’re in.

Jacqueline has had a great 2020 with back-to-back song releases and announced Kick 2 recently. The actress has also joined hands with Amanda Cerny for a podcast and is partnering with Action Against Hunger Foundation.

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