Govinda opens up on Nepotism debate ; recalls his struggle days

Govinda Wiki

With the on-going debate in the industry over nepotism, it is not only limited to those who are outsiders but also to the ones who are carrying forward their family lineage. In a recent interview with Hindustan Times, all-time favorite and Hero No.1 in reel and real life, Govinda shared his side of the story on how he faced difficulties. He mentioned that at times some of his good films also didn’t get the right kind of release.


Being born in a family that works in the industry cannot always prove fruitful to you. Govinda said, “By the time I entered the industry, many new producers had come who didn’t know much about my lineage. I had to wait for hours to meet them. I understood why they’d talk or behave in a certain way but never let it come in between me and my art.


Everybody’s journey is difficult, no matter if you’re a star kid or not. Govinda got his share of success quite early in his career but still, he faced negative criticism and comments like he’ll not be able to make it at all. He also added that success in the industry with such a neck-to-neck competition can ruin things and make them fall hard. He explains, “From my experience, I can say that having a graceful approach helps. Film is a form of art and somewhere we’ve turned it into a business. Artistes are human beings, not products. Accept those who have merit. This will also help those who aren’t as talented, and they’ll work harder.


He agreed to the fact that now Bollywood is running by 4-5 powerful people sitting inside the industry and deciding who’s film will get the desired release on the box office. While concluding, when he was asked about her daughter who is also a part of the industry, he said, “I’ve never spoken much about her. Had I done that, hopefully things would have been different. She’s charting her own path and will rise whenever her time comes.

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