Flight Motion Poster: Mohit Chadda Set to Pack a Punch With Stupendous ‘Action Thriller’

The first big-screen entertainer of 2021 ‘Flight’, starring actors Mohit Chadda, Pavan Malhotra, Zakir Hussain, Viveck Vaswani, Shibani Bedi is all set to release on March 19, 2021, at the theatres. Directed by Suraj Joshi, the film will be a spine-chilling action thriller as the story follows the journey of Ranveer Malhotra, who against all the odds, has to face deadly obstacles on a plane in order to survive. The motion poster of Flight has a dialogue that says ‘Aaj marne ka mood nahi hai’, and this gives an idea to the audience that Flight will be full of suspense.

The story of Flight is based on a plane crash where the lead actor is the only one who survived the accident. The survivor, Ranveer Malhotra goes through the investigations and recovers a black box from the flight 815. Then he comes to know that there is a live ticking bomb aboard. Would Ranveer be able to save his skin and also the plane from crashing into the city endangering further lives?

“The risk is not in doing something that feels risky, the risk is in not doing something that feels risky”.

UFO Moviez and Reliance Entertainment have come forward to release a Crazy Boyz Entertainment production, Flight. Presented by K. Chadda, co-produced by Rohit Chadda.