Disha Salian’s Mother Urges Everyone to Not ‘Defame’ Her Daughter

A lot of reports state that there’s a connection between Sushant Singh Rajput‘s suicide and his ex-manager Disha Salian‘s suicide case, as there’s only a difference of a few days between their death.

However, Disha’s mother refused to the reports about having any connection between both the deceased ones in an interview with Zee News. However, Sushant’s death case in getting more twisted as days are passing by with new revelations and allegations against each other. Similarly, a few shocking details about Disha’s case also came in front.

After so many rumors and reports being spread about Disha and her death, Disha’s parents recently spoke about their daughter’s image being tarnished. In conversation with Aaj Tak, Disha’s mother Vasanti Salian asked the media to not defame her late daughter, as she was quoted saying, “Please don’t defame our daughter and take mileage. Do not play with her. She was our only child, we lost our only daughter, now they have tarnished her image badly and now after her death, they are after us. They want to kill us by harassing us like this.”

Her mother also requested, “First, I would request people of India, all in media, social media, YouTube, and all others, everything is false. All theories and stories are fake and are just rumors. I lost my only child but now all these media people social media people will murder us. Therefore, I request to stop all this. I request the Supreme Court to stop all this, we are badly suffering because of this. Now we don’t have any strength to listen to all these fake news against our daughter.”

In the interview, she was questioned if she checked the Mumbai police’s investigation. She said, “Yes we saw the entire investigation, we checked all the documents. They have all the proof. But these politicians are coming in between.”

In the end, she requested Mumbai police to finish their investigation soon and deliver justice to her daughter.

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