Celebrating Dabangg and Chulbul Pandey, fans trend “DECADE OF ICONIC DABANGG” on social media

Dabangg offered everything from humor, violence, suspense and romance. Chulbul’s larger than life personality and his whistle blowing dialogues are still fresh in our minds. As we celebrate a decade of Chulbul Pandey, fans start a mega trend “DECADE OF ICONIC DABANGG” on social media.

Fans would cheer, shout out loud in encouragement when Chulbul would beat up the bad guys and wolf-whistle when he shared a romantic moment with Rajjo. There is no other actor who could have brought Robinhood Pandey’s character to life carried out such a script and still made it look fun.

To mark the candidness of Chulbul, fans started the trend. Some of the fan tweets read as:

One user wrote, “10th anniversary of iconic mega Blockbuster #Dabangg which gave bollywood iconic character like Chulbul pandey. it started trend of cop movies and revived single screens. DECADE OF ICONIC DABANGG #SarkaruVaariPaata”

Another fan tweeted, “#Dabangg . The movie whc won the national award, Got an ATBB tag, 100cr grosser, brought back single screen audience, created a havoc on the box office, 1 of the best song album, mass dialogues and shirt less scenes wooed the audience DECADE OF ICONIC DABANGG ht”

Some other tweets were,

“#Dabangg means fearless. Someone who doesn’t care a damn! Incredible action, incredible songs, incredible dialogues and a perfect family entertainment. The character of Chulbul Pandey is one of most popular in India.

“Biggest superhit film #Dabangg

“The Attitude
The Swag
The Charm
The Dialogue Delivery Salman Khan was Born to Play Chulbul Pandey!!! DECADE OF ICONIC DABANGG”

“DECADE OF ICONIC DABANGG – Released on 1,800 screens in India & 300 screens in overseas. – Became highest opener of all time across India. – Highest opening week nett grosser. – Won a national award. – Remade in Tamil as Osthe & Telugu as Gabbar Singh. #Dabangg”

His jerking dance movements, his rather artistic shades- everything became a trend amongst the fans. Salman created a signature style for Chulbul Pandey – tight khaki uniform pants, well groomed moustache, classic Rayban gold-rimmed aviators that were tucked into the collar behind his neck during action sequences. This new style redefined the definition of cops in Bollywood.

Dabangg was gritty and took us on drama-fueled joy rides. While this was a comedy at heart, it still offered a bit in the action department and was an inspiration to forthcoming movies and continues to be Salman’s best.




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