CBI Interrogates Sushant Singh Rajput’s Cook Neeraj for Over 3 hours; Asks these Questions

Here are the questions CBI asked Sushant Singh Rajput's Cook over 3-hours interrogation!

As Supreme Court has handed over the Sushant Singh Rajput‘s death case to the CBI on Wednesday, CBI’s official team has reached Mumbai and has started its investigation on the case. It is reported that CBI has interrogated Sushant’s cook Neeraj after meeting Mumbai police.

According to the reports, interrogation and recording of statements will be done at DRDO’s guest house. CBI team met the late actor’s cook Neeraj and took him along for the interrogation. It is reported that Neeraj is one of those few people who last spoke to Sushant.

In a 3-hours long interrogation, Neeraj was asked about what all happened on June 13, just a day before Sushant was found dead in his apartment in Bandra, Mumbai. He was also questioned about who all were present in that room, who was awake with Sushant till late at night, and what was the late actor’s mood that day.

Not only this, but he was also even asked about what happened after Sushant had his dinner and went to his room on the night of June 13.

Along with questions about June 13, Neeraj was also questioned about June 14 when Sushant was found dead. The CBI team asked him about the person who first saw Sushant dead, who took his body down, and who told that person to take it down.

The CBI team was trying to interrogate every detail about that day, and further asked about who called the police. In the last six months, who all lived with Sushant was also one of the questions Neeraj was asked.

Neeraj told CBI that Sushant asked for a glass of juice from him and then he went to his room and never came back. When the cook went to his room to ask about the lunch, the actor didn’t open the door. Sushant’s sister Meetu asked the cook to get the body down and he did as he was instructed.

The CBI team has collected all the reports, statements, and other evidence from Mumbai police to investigate the case.

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