Bhojpuri Actress Anupama Pathak dies by Suicide

One after another heartbreaking news has become the trend of 2020 sadly. Only yesterday, television actor Sameer Sharma was found hanging in his apartment in Malad, and now here’s another Bhojpuri actress Anupama Pathak who died by suicide.

As reported by India Today, Anupama ended her life on August 2. Before taking such a big step, the late actress shared a video on Facebook where she revealed that she was cheated and was unable to trust anybody. A suicide note has also been found from the site of the suicide.

Posted by Anupama Pathak on Saturday, August 1, 2020

The video that she shared on Facebook, expressed her pain and her trust issues. Anupama said in her video, “If you confide to someone that you are going through some problems and feel suicidal, that person, no matter how good a friend he or she is, will immediately ask you to keep them away from your problems so that they don’t get into trouble after you die.” She also added how people will make fun of you and disrespect you. In the end, she asked not to share your problems and never consider anyone your dear friend.

Her last Facebook post read, “Bye-bye and Good night.”

The police are investigating the case. Recently, all the industries have lost so many talents due to unknown reasons which are heartbreaking to witness.