Adhyayan Suman opens up about his OLD Interview Claiming Kangana Ranaut used DRUGS

In an old interview, Adhyayan Suman has claimed that Kangana Ranaut used to consume drugs. After his video went viral, now Adhyayan Suman has opened up about his old interview.

After the drug angle emerged in Sushant Singh Rajput‘s death case, Kangana Ranaut was one of those very first people who reacted to it and talked about the use of drugs in the Bollywood industry.

Kangana indirectly named many actors and asked the agencies to get them tested to know whether they consume drugs or not. Amidst all of this, an old interview video of Adhyayan Suman from 2016 came up in the limelight where he admitted that Kangana consumes drugs and forces him to consume too.

A lot of controversies was created after the interview video went viral on social media. Now recently, according to the reports, Mumbai police will be probing Kangana Ranaut’s alleged drug links based on the interview of Adhyayan.

Reacting to the news, Adhyayan Sumas has requested not to drag his name in anything related to it. He took it to the micro-blogging site and wrote, “My name has sprung up relating to an interview which I had given in 2016 !!!! People stop speculating and dragging me in this toxicity ! I have not filed any case against anybody ! I don’t intend to visit that dark phase of my life ! Please please I have moved on ! Let me be !”

He further continued tweeting, and tweeted, “Media channels frantically call me to talk to me please don’t call me if it is in regards to this matter I said what I had to in 2016 I have nothing else to say.. I have had a huge struggle in regards to my work a dan finally I have seen a ray of hope. If u can’t support me”

Adhyayan also mentioned in one of his tweets that he was ridiculed back in 2016 for speaking out by these media channels and now he has nothing to say.

In the video which went viral, Adhyayan claimed that Kangana asked him to have cocaine. In the interview, he was asked if Kangana has asked him to have cocaine to which he replied ‘yes’. He further said that he had Hash with her 4-5times.

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