Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s Niece Reveals Her Family Didn’t Believe Her Allegations Because her Mother was a Hindu

nawazuddin siddiqui niece

Bollywood actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui have been in the news all this time for all the bad reasons. The actor didn’t speak up on allegations made by her estranged wife, but he did commented on the sexual harassment allegations made by his niece against his brother. But the reply he had was ‘no comments’.

Yes ! You read it right ! That’s exactly what the actor said in his conversation with Hindustan Times. His niece who’s married now has accused his youngest brother, Minaz of sexual harassment but she claims the family is least bothered about it.

In her recent interaction with Pinkvilla, his niece has elaborated on how the actor’s family initially refused to believe her claims simply ‘cos her mother was a Hindu.

“My mother is Punjabi and she left us after facing domestic violence at the hands of my family members. She couldn’t take me along with her. So whenever I told my family about Minaz chachu, they would tell me, “Your mother was Hindu, we don’t trust you’. This happens a lot in our family. I was not allowed to study after a particular point because they feel girls shouldn’t be educated. I ran away and got married against my family’s wishes. They filed a kidnapping case against my husband and my in-laws,” she said.

Earlier she had revealed how the accused had sexually harassed her since she was a child and continued doing it till she ran away for her marriage. When she tried to explain herself to Nawaz, he’d simply shrug her saying he’s your uncle, he wouldn’t that.

Considering, the actor is currently staying in his village, he hasn’t visited her despite staying so close to each other.

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