Hrithik Roshan reveals the Reason Behind Jadoo’s Extra Thumb in ‘Koi Mil Gaya’

Hrithik Roshan recently revealed why Jadoo in his film 'Koi.. Mil Gaya' had an extra finger
why jadoo had extra finger in koi mil gaya

Bollywood hunk Hrithik Roshan have revealed the reason behind Jadoo’s extra thumb in his popular film ‘Koi Mil Gaya’.

As people are watching old films and shows during the lockdown, One of the viewers spotted a thing while watching “Koi… Mil Gaya”, and threw a question at the makers of the 2003 blockbuster, helmed by Rakesh Roshan.

“Watching #KoiMilGaya on TV and a weird observation. Was it an on purpose decision to give an extra thumb to #Jadoo just like #RohitMehra (#HrithikRoshan), which was the major reason for the connect between the two characters?,” wrote the fan.

Hrithik replied: “Yes. It was to help Rohit feel familiarity. But we had to keep it subtle as the thumb didn’t look as great as I wanted 🙂 you have a good eye my friend. Stay safe.”

While Jadoo was stranded on the earth in the film, Hrithik played the role of a specially-abled youngster who later gets superpowers as a gift from the alien.