Here’s Why Rekha Refused to Undergo for a COVID 19 aka Coronavirus Test

rekha corona virus

After one of Veteran Bollywood actress Rekha’s security guard tested Corona Positive, BMS sealed her bungalow Sea Springs in Bandra. The ‘Umrao Jaan’ actress refused and is yet to undergo a Coronavirus test if reports are to be believed.

Sanjay Phunde, who advised Rekha to undergo a Coronavirus test, told a news channel, “BMC team went to her bungalow for sanitization. As a medical officer, I suggested Rekha to get a COVID-19 test. The actress didn’t allow me to enter her house and her manager Fazana spoke to us from behind the door.”

“Farzana gave her number from behind the door and asked me to call her on phone. I spoke to her later on the phone.” He further told ABP news.

“Farzana said that Rekha didn’t come in contact with the security guard, who tested positive for COVID-19. The security guard used to have food outside and was not allowed to enter the bungalow. Rekha said that she has no symptoms of the novel Coronavirus and is doing fine,” He added.

“Rekha has said that she will undergo a COVID-19 test if she finds any symptoms. She has promised to inform BMC via phone about the same,” the BMC official told the news channel.

According to reports, four Coronavirus positive cases have been found in the society in which Rekha lives. Farhan Akhtar’s house is located next to Rekha’s bungalow. A COVID-19 positive case has been found in Akhtar’s home too. BMC officials haven’t revealed the name of the person, who has tested positive.

Rekha’s bungalow’s security guard, who contracted Coronavirus, is currently undergoing treatment in a Bandra COVID facility center.