Here’s the reason why Salman Khan’s family wants him to QUIT Bigg Boss

Colors TV’s popular reality show ‘Bigg Boss 13’ is loved by the viewers for its unlimited drama, twists and entertainment. Fans eagerly wait for the Weekend Ka Vaar episodes so that they can see host bollywood superstar Salman Khan giving his advice to the contestants as well as having fun with them.

Even with the actor wanting to quit the show from several seasons now, the makers manage to get him back on it with each passing season. But now a major concern has been raised by his family members over his health which is majorly affected by rising violence on the show and Salman losing his sleep thanks to all the ongoing action inside the show.

The actor has recently recovered from a health condition called Trigeminal Neuralgia. In this particular condition, the person is not supposed to lose his cool, as it results in disturbing his nerves. However, with the contestants creating ruckus in the house with their unacceptable behaviour, the actor loses his cool almost every weekend.

Looking at this degrading situation in the bigg boss house, the family wants him to quit the show now. A close source revealed about the same to Deccan Chronicle.

The source revealed, ‘Salman has recovered from a health issue called trigeminal neuralgia, which doesn’t allow him to get very angry as it will disturb his nerves. But every week, one or the other participant is getting on to his nerves, which is not good for Salman’s health. Hence, this is certainly the last season of the show that he will be hosting. He has been wanting to quit for a few seasons now, but somehow the channel and the production house keep getting him back. But now, he has clearly been told by close ones as well that the show should not hurt him in any manner, as his family and friends are concerned for him.

Well, that is indeed sad news for fans of Salman and Bigg Boss.

Who do you think should step into his shoes in the upcoming seasons?