From Patna to Mumbai ; Take a Look at Sushant Singh Rajput’s Memorable Journey

It's the story of a boy who was shy to even talk to people till 6th standard and didn’t know his brilliance is not just limited till his studies but has a bright future ahead.
From Patna to Mumbai ; Take a Look at Sushant Singh Rajput's Memorable Journey

For Sushant Singh Rajput, Bollywood was a big part of his life since childhood. No, not because he was into acting but because of the changes and globalization which was happening around during that time. He was confused if he needs to adapt to the western culture emerging in India or if he needs to stick to his own culture. That was the time he saw DDLJ starring Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol. There he related from Raj and saw how Raj was western yet he waited for approval of Simran’s dad. He learned that he can adapt to western culture and also be loyal to his own.

When SSR was in 7th Class he was already done with maths and physics of class 10th. He was always a brilliant mind who would do what he loves rather than following anything for just fame. He excelled in his Board exams and even cleared 11 Engineering entrance exams and even cleared National Olympiad in Physics which apparently gave him a scholarship to study at Stanford University.

Well, little he knew was he didn’t want to do Engineering or neither wanted to go to Stanford’s University. Anyway he still went to an engineering college in Delhi. Well, not everything happens according to your plans neither we realise it until the journey takes you to a better destination than you decided for yourself.

He thought in Engineering college he will find “The one”. Little he didn’t know was this search of “the one” would take him to a new platform or a turning point of his life. During that time in engineering colleges, you won’t find many girls and hence his Friends told him about the dance classes in Delhi where all the girls come.

Time flied and he started concentrating in his exams and his academics. While people were busy preparing for exams and getting exhausted, he would take a break from his studies and would start lip syncing  to “Suraj hua madham” one of the famous songs. Just that he didn’t do it for people, it was just him and the mirror and he did it for just fun because he was a shy guy he never performed in front of his friends nor given a speech Which was mandatory to become a head boy bacck in school that he always wanted to be but his shy personality would just take a step back. He didn’t have many friends in college, only one or two people were close to him.

He then joined Shiamak Davar classes for fun and In a hope to meet  “the one”. This was the ultimate turning point in his life. He started dancing for fun but he enjoyed being on stage and expressing himself. He wasn’t a shy person on stage, he explored a new way to express himself and even got selected in Special potential batch (SPB) Which was a batch specially auditioned by Shiamak Davar one of the famous choreographers of Bollywood. He even performed as a background dancer in one of the shows.

During special potential batch, Shiamak told Sushant Singh Rajput that “he might not be the best dancer he has but there is something about the way you express that makes me pick you for the first row…why don’t you do theatre”. He took his advice and joined Barry John’s. With dancing, he even joined Barry John’s acting classes, where He did a 3 months diploma course and even scored a B Grade in the diploma where everyone else got C.

Then in 2006, he decided to drop out of the college which was a big change in his life and for his family and went to Bombay where we stayed in Versova in a 1Rk with 6 other. He never labeled this all as a struggle but only embraced it as a part of the journey. In Mumbai, he was doing theatre, castings, training in martial arts, and working as a background dancer as well.

For SSR being a background dancer or being an actor or doing a film made him equally excited and motivated. He always liked doing more meaningful roles rather than being in a commercial film to earn money and fame.

This is what we all loved about SSR. The passion and love for what he does made us all fall in love with his work. Always believed in doing what he loved rather running behind fame which eventually makes him different from other actors we have in the industry.

This short yet interesting journey of him being a background dancer to being an actor inspired the whole nation and he still is an inspiration to all