Esha Gupta comes out in support of Kangana Ranaut

Esha Gupta, an Indian actress, and a model, recently spoke about women’s strength. Infuriated by film-critics and journalist writing like blind items for actors without knowing the truth. Esha tweeted, “The crux of all this is, things like “blind items” are a write up of low life’s pimps with sad life who decide to cook up stories about anyone living their life nonchalantly on their own terms. It bothers these scums that we don’t succumb to their bullsh*t.”

Esha has always been active on twitter regarding updates of her life and commenting on social issues. Her annoyance reflected in her tweets and how annoyed she is from some part of the industry. She mentioned that it’s a mental agony, especially for outsiders as their families don’t understand the working of the industry which affects all of them.

She wrote about slamming journalists who are paid for writing blind items just because few celebrities don’t treat them like god figures.

In her recent tweet, she supported Kangana Ranaut for standing up alone against everybody and keep her opinions fiercely. She quoted a woman’s strength and capabilities. Her tweet said, “If history has taught us anything, it’s the fact that, whenever a woman rises against authority, she’s called either crazy or bossy or difficult. It’s easier to be a part of herd than stand against all.”

Esha benefited this time of pandemic and interacted actively with her fans on twitter. She shared Do’s and Don’t’s that one must follow, and also requested everybody to stay safe.

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