Disha Patani gets slammed for lingerie pictures amid CAA protests

Bollywood actress Disha Patani was recently at the receiving end for posting lingerie pictures on Instagram. While veryone has the right to go on with their life and need not necessarily have an opinion or a say on what’s happening in the country today, Netizens lashed out Disha Patani and asked her to think about the country first.

Disha, who is the face of clothing brand Calvin Klein was posting her regular lingerie photos on her Instagram when netizens went berserk and started trolling the actress. From reminding her of the nationwide protests against CAA going on in the country to accusing BJP of hatching this ploy to diver the attention of youth from the protests, several comments soon flooded her picture.

While few questioned her integrity on trying to sell lingerie through this old photoshoot, many even said that this is how hollow Bollywood celebs are.

However, there were few who even said that Disha Patani has all the rights to do and post whatever she wants and need not be a part of the protests if she doesn’t want.