Details : Major Revealations by Mumbai Police Comissioner in Sushant Singh Rajput Death Case


Mumbai Police Commissioner Parambir Singh held a press conference on Monday in the death case of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput. During this time, he shared details of the investigation of the entire case, the statements recorded so far, and some other important information.

According to the police commissioner, Sushant Singh Rajput was very upset with his name being dragged into his former manager Disha’s suicide. Also, Rhea and Sushant’s relationship was not going well. What Mumbai Police Commissioner said in Monday’s press conference, Here are Major Things –

1. On June 14, before committing Suicide, Sushant searched his name and about himself on Google for over 2 hours. Apart from this, he kept searching for things like bipolar, death without pain,etc.

2. Rhea Chakraborty’s statement has been recorded twice, in which it was revealed that the relationship between the two was going sour. Rhea mentioned meeting Sushant in his statement, he told what kind of person he was. Rhea was also asked about her Europe tour with Sushant. Rhea and Sushant’s family did not have a good relationship.

3. Rhea Chakraborty left Sushant Singh Rajput’s house on 8 June, as she was also depressed. Her condition was also not good, so she left. After this, Sushant’s sister came, she too left on 13 June, because her daughter had her examinations.

4. Police have come to know many things through Sushant’s diary, in which he used to keep his expenses, CA was told on behalf of Sushant that the month’s expenditure should be reduced. The bank statement has been investigated from January 2019 to June 2020, which was close to Rs 14 crore.

5. Sushant’s sister Priyanka was called to record her statement again, but she was not in a position to give a statement. But the family did not raise any doubt against anyone. The family got their statement recorded and signed.

6. After the death of his former manager Disha, Sushant’s name started being dragged into the same, on which he was very angry. He also messaged his lawyers about this.

7. Forensic team is investigating, Flat is sealed. The statements of more than fifty people have been recorded so far.

8. There were four to five people at her house when Disha committed suicide. Disha was upset because two of his big deals were canceled.

9. This entire case comes under the Mumbai Police, Bihar Police does not have the right to investigate. We are taking legal opinion about this. If anyone has problems with our investigation, they should talk to us.

10. According to the commissioner, senior officials are investigating the case. No clean chit has been given to anyone yet.