Darshan Raval Fans Trend #ShameOnTseries ; Accuse Music Company of stealing Singer’s composition

India’s Raw Star fame, singer and composer, Darshan Raval’s fans are accusing Tseries for stealing Darshan’s original composition.

Fans are accusing lyricist & composer Nirmaan and Tseries for stealing a composition that Darshan started making in 2015 and officially released on his channel in Feb, 2017. Darshan Raval composed this and dedicated it to the soldiers whom we amplify as heroes, but often forget they have family and their love stories too. So, on Valentine’s day, it was a tribute to them and their stories and also how not just the soldiers but also their partners and families are heroes too!

The song didn’t reach views in millions but it was close to Darshan and his fans.

Darshan’s fans have started a hashtag #ShameOnTseries to express their support and stand against Tseries. One of his fan has also started a petition and is requesting people to sign it and stand against the wrong.

Fans are enraged and are tweeting against Tseries. Here are some of the tweets :