Arbaaz Khan talks about son Arhaan’s custody after his divorce with Malaika Arora

Bollywod superstar Salman Khan’s brother and Actor-Roducer Arbaaz Khan’s relationship with Malaika Arora has been talk of the town and their divorce has divided the family.

The couple decided to get divorced in 2017 after almost 19 years of marriage; they announced their separation a year earlier.

Talking to Pinkvilla, Arbaaz said, “When you have a child, it is a very difficult but a necessary step. It had come to a point where this was the only way to go about it to make this equation as okay as possible.”

Arbaaz even revealed about his son Arhaan’s reaction to the news and said, “My boy was almost 12 at that time, he had a fair understanding. He was aware of what was happening. There wasn’t much to explain to him.”

The actor said he was fine with Malaika getting custody of Arhaan. “I am there for him. She has the custody of my child and didn’t want to even fight for custody because I felt when the child is younger, he needs his mother. Now he is 17, he will soon be 18, he will make up his mind where he wants to be… he is a lovely boy,” he added.

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Arbaaz is in a relationship with Giorgia and somehow people make sure they don’t stop gossiping about their marriage plans.