Abhinav Kashyap alleges that Being Human is a Money Laundering Hub

being human money laundering

Abhinav Kashyap, the director of film ‘Dabangg’, is constantly sharing posts on social media regarding Bollywood superstar Salman Khan. After the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput, Abhinav Kashyap shared a post on Facebook, in which he said that Salman Khan, Salim Khan, Sohail Khan and Arbaaz Khan had spoiled his career together and sabotaged his projects. Salman’s father Salim Khan had also reacted on this matter.

Recently,Abhinav Kashyap has shared another post on Facebook about Salman Khan, in which he called the actor’s charity foundation ‘Being Human’ a money-laundering hub.

Filmmaker Abhinav Kashyap alleged that the superstar is laundering money under the facade of charity with his foundation ‘Being Human’. He also requested the government to investigate the matter while assuring complete assistance from his end. His post further read, ‘During the shooting of ‘Dabangg’, Salman distributed 5 cycles in front of my eyes…but the next day, newspapers published that the actor distributed 500 cycles to poor. This was an attempt by the goons employed by him to change his image so as to influence media and judges in his criminal court cases.’ He also claims that ‘Being Human’ sells Rs 500 jeans for Rs 5000.

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