Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan has a huge fan following the Middle East. He was invited on an Arabic TV Show titled ‘Ramez Underground.

Shahrukh was pranked on the show which eventually did not go down well with him. He fell into a mud pit along with one female actress and the host during the shoot in Dubai, and a large chameleon was apparently seen attacking them. Khan tried his best to dodge the deadly mammal but did not know it was a man wearing a chameleon costume to scare him.

Watch the video :

SRK was so infuriated with the prank and did not find it funny. He was in a fit of rage to punch the host who kept on professing his love for the actor. He later got into his vehicle instructing his security to get him out of the site despite the prankster pleading him not to leave.

However recent reports suggest that it was a planned and scripted Prank and Shahrukh Khan was aware of it

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