tips binary options Controversy queen Rakhi Sawant always finds some way or the other to create controversy. She manages to be in headlines most of the time. Now, She has been stirring up some controversy by sharing some videos on Instagram. After sharing videos of abusing TV actress Mahika Sharma to defend hercondom brand, Rakhi has taken it a little too far this time.

kennenlernen spiel hochzeit The actress has shared a video of a semi-nude girl on her Instagram handle. The girl is apparently a Pakistani YouTuber who shares a lot of videos imitating celebrities and making fun of them. In the video, the girl can be seen wearing a bedsheet in a certain way to covers a few of her body parts. She roams around in a room and tries to imitate Rakhi Sawant.

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youtube video strategie opzioni digitali Soon after Rakhi posted this video, the comments section was filled with OMGs and shock emojis. Her fans requested Rakhi to delete the video as according to them, it was wrong to share a nude video on social media.

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site de rencontre idf This is not the first time that Rakhi has got herself into major trouble. Earlier, Rakhi was slammed by viewers for sharing a video on Instagram where she made a lot of negative remarks about actress Sunny Leone. Rakhi had later apologised to the actress and said that she regretted making those comments.