MTV’s popular youth reality show ‘Splitsvilla X’ have introduced a unique concept this season,which is making the show more interesting than ever. A few weeks ago, Siddharth and Akshata were crowned Splitsvilla X’s first ideal match and now it’s time for Basheer and Naina to check their compatibility in front of the ‘Oracle.’

This week’s episode will see Basheer and Naina in the race against three other pairs for a chance to be one of the couples who get to stand in front of the ‘Oracle’ and ask the important question, “Are we an ideal match?” Basheer will be pitted against his best friend Priyank. However the latter will prove to be the popular choice.

According to a report of an entertainment portal, It was a unanimous decision to send Basheer and Naina in front of the Oracle. They are very compatible and deserve a chance to test their love in front of the oracle.

So, will Basheer and Naina be this season’s second ideal match?

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