Popular TV Actor Vivek Dahiya was recently shooting outside Mumbai and his whole unit was Attacked by unidentitified men. As per reports of a leading entertainment news portal, Two men with swords were lingering in the area where the unit was shooting at wee hours in the morning and they later attacked the unit.

“All necessary permissions had been taken to shoot and the shooting was happening late at night, as its a horror genre show. At around 2 AM, these armed and drunk men attacked the unit all of a sudden.They even slashed the director’s car and there was chaos on the sets as everyone was running around trying to save their lives. Luckily no one was hurt. Eventually, the police was called and the two were arrested.” India-Forums.com quoted a source saying.

Vivek Dahiya confirmed the same to the portal, and said “Yes, sadly we had such an incident while shooting. It’s making me wonder what kind of security measures are taken while we shoot outdoors.While we had four security guards on the premises, they were the first to run, leaving the entire unit exposed to danger!”

This is quite a Shocker !